Loretta Sylvestre (worldsbyloretta) wrote,
Loretta Sylvestre

"The Day After Valentine's" (YA short) is online at A Fly in Amber

A Fly in Amber has published its anniversary issue, and my YA short story, "The Day After Valentine's" is included.   I got a chance to skim some of the other stories, and I'm proud that my story is in such impressive company.  AFIA publishes various types of fiction including genre and fiction for adults as well as YA, and they put it all together in a pleasant and very readable site.  There is a widget for readers to rate each story, too (gulp).  I hope you get a chance to enjoy it. 

And by the way... lest I forget, even though this particular story didn't hang around my house long enough to collect a lot of feedback, every bit of success any of my writing enjoys is the result of lots of help from others.  Now seems a good time to say thanks.  So, to Jason R, Tom B, Karla K, Ron P, Kim M, Darya K, KAK, Terri, Jessica, Steve, and everyone else who helps, thank you.  For guidance on TDAV in particular, big thank you to Kevin McColley.
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