Loretta Sylvestre (worldsbyloretta) wrote,
Loretta Sylvestre

Beyond the Wizard's Threshold Returns!

Marion Margeret Press has slated Beyond the Wizard’s Thresold for print release in fall 2010 or early 2011. I’m excited folks. BWT is a young adult novel by yours truly, all about the adventures—sometimes fun and sometimes terrifying—of a young man who really doesn’t like magic, trying to get home from earth to a magical parallel world. YA, but a good read for all ages, if I do say so myself. If you’ve read it, or if you want to read it, I welcome your comments.

(MMP is a newish publisher, but they’re coming on strong with a solid base. A new release, Still Life of Hannah Morgan by Lora Deeprose. Watch for more!)

Image top right from Beyond the Wizard’s Threshold cover art, c. Ron Leming.
Tags: beyond the wizard's threshold, lucky's worlds, novel release

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