Loretta Sylvestre (worldsbyloretta) wrote,
Loretta Sylvestre

Don't Miss "Dead Hands" (J Rolfe) in Crossed Genres Now

"Dead Hands," short story by Jason Rolfe, is on the web now at Crossed Genres March issue which features stories of fantiastic crime.  The crimes in "Dead Hands" transpire in Jason's fictional/fantasy city, Seven Gates, when a thief is hired to steal (what else?) a book, and given a strange piece of equipment to get the job done.   It's a prime specimen of the kind of fiction I've come to expect from Jason Rolfe -- well written, spooky, and sophisticated.  The print editions are not yet available, I think, but I'll be checking back.  I want this on my shelf.

Congratulations Jason, and thanks for another great read.
Tags: jason rolfe, writers

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